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Portrait of a Massacre

Clint West, a PI living on the edge of a bottle, spends his days chasing divorce cases and runaways to eek out a living while dreaming of retirement. When the biggest crime boss in Garden City asks the washed-up PI to solve a case, a case involving a mysterious painting and a cellar full of dead gangsters, Clint’s life is destined to change. Even though it smells like trouble, all he can see is the pay cheque at the end, and sets out into the dark corners of Garden City, not ready for what he’s about to find.

The first novella in A Century In Garden City, Portrait Of Massacre moves across the noir-soaked streets of Garden City and to the edges of the sanity as the PI discovers something that shouldn’t exist…

Author: K.T. Monroe
Ebook Released: June, 2020

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