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Pulp Kings: The Complete First Series

Stare into the strange

Inspired by classic pulp magazines, Pulp Kings is an irregular publication stuffed with stories and art, showcasing up-and-coming writers and artists. Rooted in Sci-Fi and Fantasy, each issue bends into unique themes, mashing together genres into fun, weird, and wild stories unlike anything else out there. With a talented, rotating roster of writers defining modern pulp, get ready for the surreal and wonderful short stories of Pulp Kings.

Pulp Kings: The Complete First Series explores different themes through the lens of sci-fi and visual art across five issues of Pulp Kings. With a strong mix of up-and-coming writers and artists, this collection is an imaginative look at tomorrow while asking questions about today.

Featuring Writing by:
I.B., Fraser Calderwood, Miranda Cates, James R.D. Hilton, Konn Lavery, Ryan Mitchel, and Randy Nikkel Schroeder.

Featuring Art by:
I.B., Miranda Cates, Matt Dean, Konn Lavery, and Sean Richardson

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