Makayla is a well-known online personality, dazzling viewers with her makeup tutorials.

There’s one problem: After years of using a face filter, no one knows what she looks like.

After getting an invitation to a conference, Makayla is left in a strange position.



rr cover ep1



What would you do if your favorite Youtuber just up an vanished?

The answer for one fan is simple: Go find them!!

Journey along a trail of intrigue in search of Mr. Atomics.



rr cover ep3



Chad considers himself a pretty cool fella.

That’s about all he considers…

…Until a brief encounter with a barista ends in more than a misspelled name on a cup.



rr cover ep4



Everything is moving to digital these days.

Can love?!

Penny and Milo sure hope so.




rr cover ep 5



New to town and self-absorbed, Kara finds herself alone.

Due to her self-centered nature, the signs of her community go unseen.

What monsters lurk behind conceit?




rr cover ep 6



Dave and Jared’s friendship was the stuff of legend.

Not even distance could keep them apart.

But online, you never know who’s on the other end.







Cassie goes un-noticed by her fellow townies. It’s never bothered her.

One Halloween, however, she gets more tricks than treats.

Now Cassie isn’t the only one being ignored.




rr cover ep 8



Part 2 of Hidden Halloween…

…Chad’s back baby!!

This time, he learns the meaning of sacrifice.



rr cover ep 9



Is there such a thing as the perfect man?

Jolie thought so…

…Until Mel thought for himself.




Cover ep 10



Potato Chip is a squirrel.

Life in Rosewood can be…

…A bit nuts!