Makayla is a well-known online personality, dazzling viewers with her makeup tutorials.

There’s one problem: After years of using a face filter, no one knows what she looks like.

After getting an invitation to a conference, Makayla is left in a strange position.



rr cover ep1



What would you do if your favorite Youtuber just up an vanished?

The answer for one fan is simple: Go find them!!

Journey along a trail of intrigue in search of Mr. Atomics.



rr cover ep3



Chad considers himself a pretty cool fella.

That’s about all he considers…

…Until a brief encounter with a barista ends in more than a misspelled name on a cup.



rr cover ep4



Everything is moving to digital these days.

Can love?!

Penny and Milo sure hope so.




rr cover ep 5



New to town and self-absorbed, Kara finds herself alone.

Due to her self-centered nature, the signs of her community go unseen.

What monsters lurk behind conceit?




rr cover ep 6



Dave and Jared’s friendship was the stuff of legend.

Not even distance could keep them apart.

But online, you never know who’s on the other end.







Cassie goes un-noticed by her fellow townies. It’s never bothered her.

One Halloween, however, she gets more tricks than treats.

Now Cassie isn’t the only one being ignored.




rr cover ep 8



Part 2 of Hidden Halloween…

…Chad’s back baby!!

This time, he learns the meaning of sacrifice.



rr cover ep 9



Is there such a thing as the perfect man?

Jolie thought so…

…Until Mel thought for himself.




Cover ep 10



For Potato Chip the squirrel

Life in Rosewood can be…

…A bit nuts!



rr cover ep 11



Hailey wants her morning coffee…

But she doesn’t speak Russian.

Welcome to Rosewood!



rr cover ep 12



For Remy, life in Rosewood is a breeze.

The wind is about to change on his first camping trip.

Being prepared is underrated.






Shawn is a little too dependent on his glasses.

As the Xmas party Santa, he’s lost his gift of sight.

Potato Chip Makes his triumphant return!


rr cover ep 14



Queenie is Rosewoods resident gossip.

What will happen when she can no longer share.

Part 1 of Queenie’s saga lies ahead.



rr cover ep 15



Queenie’s adventure continues.

This time, she has a low key obsession with Aiden.

She also has a strange feeling about Corey.



rr cover ep 16



We’ve all felt like ghosts to others.

What if you really were one?

How will Queenie get out of this one?



rr cover ep 17



The little robot that could,

Kept being told that he shouldn’t.

BF-001 needs a BFF.



R.R. 18. Cover


Grampa’s back!

And Rosewood’s better than ever.

How will he handle it?




cover episode 19


CJ lives to game,

But life keeps getting in the way.

Until a new friend comes along…



R.R. 20. Cover


Brian is a quiet man.

Talking to people is not his strongest skill.

There’s an app for that!



Ep 21 Cover



Welcome to Rosewood!




Ep 22 cover


Shadow just wants to play.

Smartie just wants to work.

Can they find a happy medium?



ep 23 cover



BF-001 is back!




Cover 24


Does attachment to the digital

Lead to detachment from the physical?

Bree is about to find out.