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James R.D. Hilton

James R.D. Hilton hails from a small community in central Alberta that he would prefer not to name, only that it rhymes with ‘Shmuhtaskiwin.’ He received his B.A. in Communications and Media from Providence University College, studied Television Writing and Producing at Humber College, and currently works in the insurance industry, proving that higher education is utterly pointless. When he’s not gratuitously inflating your insurance premiums, he’s pursuing a career as a writer by way of his patented narrative formula ‘50% comedy, 40% drama, 10% horror.’ Some of his work can be found within the pages of Pulp Kings or on his personal website, www.snootyfilmcritic.com, where he dedicates long entries to dismantling mainstream movies and extolling the virtues of Indie pictures.

While his dreams of writing a New York Times bestselling ComDraHor have yet to materialize, he has it on good authority from an inter-dimensional sojourner that in another universe, he penned the Harry Potter series. Admittedly, Harry Potter sold dismally in that universe, but it’s an interesting bit of trivia just the same. His literary heroes are George Orwell, Ernest Hemingway, Kurt Vonnegut, Stephen King, Douglas Adams, and Terry Pratchett, and he’s even read some of their books. He shouldn’t be confused with the guy who once wrote Lost Horizon, but has often been mistaken for Benedict Cumberbatch.

Follow him on Instagram at @jamesrdhilton