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Miranda Cates

Miranda Cates graduated from the Alberta College of Art & Design in 2018 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts — majoring in painting. During her time at ACAD, she took various electives such as silkscreen printing, Sculpture, and plenty of design-based classes. Towards the end of her fourth year at ACAD she started reading outside of class more frequently. She began to research the idea that revealing more intimate details in an art piece would result in more privacy through the viewer’s tendencies to engage less with a higher word count or amount of detail. The introduction of this concept was made while researching viewer engagement on social media and digital outlets, and the correlation between access to information through technology and the use of it. While gathering a better understanding of marketing and advertisements through her studies, she was able to apply this towards Stray Books. She started at Stray Books by helping out with their social media platforms and attending events with the company.

Ironically, she now runs their social media accounts and is continually trying to figure out what makes a successful page. Outside of social media, Cates has designed covers, advertisements, and comics for Pulp Kings and Flowers. Since starting in June 2018, she has written and published her first two short stories. Now, she is brainstorming her next short story concept and aiming to write many more.