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Future Fables and Strange Stories

where are we going? Look ahead, stretch your imagination — there are new realities waiting. They’re waiting for people who aren’t afraid to ask tomorrow’s questions today. Told across thirteen […]


future fables and strange stories   A journey through the cosmos ends at the edge of the universe where there are more questions than answers.           […]


We’re also on Patreon! If you’re interested in receiving monthly content, cool products, and a fun way to interact with our team, make sure to check it out. Pulp Kings […]

About Us

Stray Stories for Strangers Oh, hello! Welcome to Stray Books, home to creative, weird, and wonderful stories coming out of Calgary, Alberta. Our goal is pretty simple: to connect amazing […]


Got a story to share? We’d love to hear it. We’re a small team here at Stray Books, but we are always looking for new people to work with. If […]


Want to see us in person? Good news! We’re always out and about, with lots of chances to meet our authors, editors, and all the people who make this happen. […]


Nothing to hear here…yet. Not only are we printing books, but we’re putting them in audio format too! They’re not ready yet, but check back soon to hear what we’re […]

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