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Stray Stories for Strangers
Stray Books first came to life in the back of a restaurant kitchen as a couple of cooks imagined stories and new worlds as they cut vegetables and trimmed the fat. A few years later, those cooks hung up their knives and picked up some pens, determined to not only bring those stories cooked up in the prep hall to life, but to find more stories tucked away in other hidden corners, and founded Stray Books. Since then, we’ve worked with writers and artists from all over Western Canada, bringing to life weird, funny, and touching original stories.

Since our founding in 2018, Stray Books has always believed that thought-provoking, interesting, and worthwhile story telling lives in the written word. In a world of spectacle laden and repetitive media, we break the mold by keeping it simple: We make books, giving stray stories a home. But we’re not dinosaurs, either. Through  digital platforms and tools, we take the old form of book publishing and modernize it, keeping one foot in the past while looking forward.
Miranda Cates
Ryan Mitchel
Valerie Cates
James R.D. Hilton
Randy Nikkel Schroeder
Konn Lavery
Sean Richardson
Fraser Calderwood
Meghan Rennie
Megan Austin