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*We are only accepting submissions for Pulp Kings: Series Two. See details below.

We’re always looking for new writers and artists to work with, but as a new a publisher, our resources and time is limited. Every title we develop becomes part of the Stray Books family, being promoted, sold, and a part of who we are for years. As much as we love working with new talent and developing unique books, or ability to do so is limited. Currently, we are not accepting unsolicited manuscripts or pitches due to that limitation.We are accepting short stories/short writing pieces for Pulp Kings: Series 2. 

Pulp Kings is a publication is designed to promote new writers and artists. We recently completed our first series of the publication, and are looking for stories for Series 2. Each series is comprised of five issue, and each issue is themed. While a story’s tie to the issue’s theme can be loose, please be aware of the thematic content of the issue before submitting. The upcoming issue themes are: 
Pulp Kings Six: Music — Full, not accepting submissions. 

Pulp Kings Seven: War — Full, not accepting submissions.
Pulp Kings Eight: Mystery
Pulp Kings Nine: Western 
Pulp Kings Ten: Utopia and Dystopia
When submitting, please follow these guidelines: 
Email all submissions to:

Label the email’s subject with the following: issue number, submission, author’s name.
*Example: Pulp Kings Eight Submission, “The Lonely Road”, Maxine Magoo

Attach the submission as either a PDF or a Word Doc. Submissions written in the body of the email will not be considered.

We will reply to submissions within three months of receiving it.  

 If a story is accepted, we will provide a contract and payment for the work. Our rates are:
¢10 CAD a word up to 3000 words. 
Stories over 3000 words are paid a flat rate of $300.00 CAD