Pulp Kings Six: Music

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Stare Into the Strange

Inspired by classic pulp magazines, Pulp Kings is an irregular publication stuffed with stories and art, showcasing up-and-coming writers and artists. Rooted in Sci-Fi and Fantasy, each issue bends into unique themes, mashing together genres into fun, weird, and wild stories unlike anything else out there. With a talented, rotating roster of writers defining modern pulp, get ready for the surreal and wonderful short stories of Pulp Kings.

Marching to the beat of its own drum, Pulp Kings 6 is an ode to the oldest and most pure art form there is: music, and all the people, heard and unheard, who make it. Through four original Sci-Fi short stories, Pulp Kings 6 dives into deep time, deep space, the eerily familiar, and the familiar made eerie, not only exploring the future of music, but also revealing its true trick: its timeless ability to connect us together across time, space, and anything else that keeps us apart.